BTC will wait for the “minutes” of the Federal Reserve

BTC has no fundamental changes to date. Investors do not seem to believe in the possibility of rapid growth of stock indices and therefore leave local purchases on the US stock exchanges without attention. The correlation between the BTC exchange rate and the S&P 500 and NASDAQ indices has weakened.

On Wednesday, BTC is trading at $23.830. From the point of view of technical analysis, the resistance area on the daily chart is $24.000-25.000. With its successful passage, we will focus on the goal of raising $26,000.

An important support zone runs at $23,500.

The second half of the day may be more dynamic, if only because the US Federal Reserve will release “minutes” of its last meeting, which took place two weeks ago. In the protocols, investors usually look for hints, indications of the future steps of the regulator and react to this. The event is usually very emotional, because the market is mostly driven by expectations.

This time, investors may well find confirmation of the already well—known fact of slowing inflation in the United States and the corresponding reactions of the Federal Reserve – if inflationary pressure slows down, it means that the rate can be raised symbolically at the meeting in September. This can support purchases in the US stock market — and pull the BTC rate along with it.